What We Stand For

We believe that hemp-derived CBD products are changing people’s lives, so we founded Holistic HempTM to give people access to the highest quality CBD products in the market. We are deeply committed to providing our customers with products that are effective, safe and consistent. Our mission is for you to feel your best for the times that matter most to you.

Our Commitment to Quality & Transparency

At Holistic HempTM, we do things the right way: manufacturing in a cGMP and FDA registered facility and testing our products for CBD/THC potency, heavy metals, pesticides, residual alcohols and microbes. We are proud of our processes and want you to feel 100% certain each product you purchase meets our rigorous quality standards.

Each of our labels has a QR code printed on the corner. Scan the code with your phone to be automatically brought to our certificate of analysis (COA) database. Find the lot code printed on your Holistic HempTM package and search it on our database. You will be linked to the COA for the exact production batch used to create your product. For help reading your COA, please click here.

It’s that easy. Rest assured that you are purchasing the best CBD on earth.

Seed-to-sale Supply Chain

We have established a bulletproof cGMP supply chain to ensure that each product you order is of the highest quality. All of our hemp is grown in Eastern Oregon and Southern Kentucky at cGMP certified farms that use organic farming methods and non-GMO strains of hemp.

From there, our hemp is dried and our hemp extract is produced using 100% alcohol/petroleum free extraction methods.

We then use in-house distillation to produce our proprietary, premium quality Holistic Hemp whole hemp extract that we use to manufacture our products. When all is said and done, we have tested our ingredients and products a total of four times: (1) when ingredients arrive at our facility, (2) after our distillation process, (3) after blending and before filling, and (4) after filling and before shipping.

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