If you are experiencing pain, anxiety, poor sleep or mental fog, let Holistic Hemp help. Our CBD products offer all-natural relief that helps you better enjoy walking, golfing, yoga and other activities you love.

Find Your Product Fit

Full Spectrum Tinctures (CBD oil)

Full spectrum tinctures are our most popular product. Blended with MCT oil our proprietary hemp extract formula is 100% all-natural and designed to help you feel amazing. Taking our tinctures under your tongue using our measured droppers allows for better absorption into your body. We offer natural flavors for those who wish to mask the natural taste of hemp extract. All of our tinctures are non-psychoactive.

Sleep Tinctures (CBD oil)

Our Sleep Tincture blends our proprietary hemp extract with melatonin to help you get the sleep you deserve!

Soft Gels

Soft gels are a perfect alternative to full spectrum tinctures. Don’t love the earthy taste of tincture oil? Want an inconspicuous serving form? Want a perfectly measured dose? Soft gels may be the perfect product for you. Our soft gels come in both 10 mg and 30 mg capsule size to either provide or supplement your daily serving.


Our gummies are a great source of CBD for daily users. Made with CBD isolate, our gummies are completely THC free!


In addition to an oral regimen, Holistic Hemp topicals are a great way to support your muscle and joints by applying CBD directly to your skin*. When you apply a topical directly to your skin, the CBD penetrates the specific endocannabinoid receptors in localized areas. This makes topicals ideal for active people and athletes hurting physically in specific areas. Try it and see if it helps you feel better!

Dosing Considerations*

Body weight

Your system may require more CBD to achieve desired effects the more you weigh.

How You feel

Stronger conditions may require more CBD per day.

Start Low & Go Slow

Start with a baseline dose and stick to it for 1 – 2 weeks. Slowly increase the level, if necessary, every few days until you think you’ve reached your optimal level.

Split your dose between the morning and evening

We find it easiest to include CBD in our morning and evening routines by taking half after we wake up and the last half right before bed. Of course, our sleep tinctures should only be taken prior to bed!