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1. Holistic Hemp is engaged in marketing and selling of hemp supplements containing cannabidiol federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

2. Partner desires to represent Holistic Hemp in its business of marketing hemp supplements and other CBD consumer products for compensation as set forth herein.

IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual premises and upon the terms and conditions set forth herein, the parties do hereby agree:

Section I - Duties

A. Partner agrees to market Holistic Hemp branded products through various channels the Partner deems appropriate.

B. Partner is not authorized to incur any indebtedness or liability, or to make, alter, or discharge contracts, or to waive forfeitures, extend time of payments due, waive payment in cash, or make refunds or rebates, or to name additional rates on behalf of Holistic Hemp.

C. Partner is not authorized to accept or receive money due to Holistic Hemp except in accordance with the rules and regulations of Company. No cash, checks or credit card payments will be collected by Partner on behalf of Holistic Hemp.

D. Partner agrees not to otherwise interfere with the other business activities of Holistic Hemp or its other representatives.

E. All sales hereunder are subject to approval by Holistic Hemp.

Section II - Territory

This agreement does not assign a sales territory to Partner.

Section III - Compensation

Compensation to Partner shall be the percentage of sales set forth on the attached Schedule of Commissions. Such compensation may be amended from time to time by Holistic Hemp. Compensation may be assigned in writing with the written consent of Holistic Hemp. Partner is responsible for all expenses incurred by him/her in performing the duties described herein. Compensation shall be paid via PayPal. Partner may request a check subject to a minimum payout threshold.

Section IV - Lifetime Commissions

During the life of this Agreement, Holistic Hemp agrees to compensate Partner for all subsequent sales made from referred customers whether the customer engages with using the Partner’s affiliate link / portal or not. All lifetime sales will count towards Partners tiered commission targets.

Section V - Return of Materials

Upon termination of this contract by either party, all sales manuals, brochures, forms, customer account lists, invoices and other sales materials and any copies thereof shall be promptly returned to Holistic Hemp by Partner.

Section VI - Indebtedness

Any indebtedness of Partner to Holistic Hemp shall be a first lien against any commissions due Partner, his representatives, or assigns under this Agreement and such commissions shall be applied to liquidate such indebtedness.

Section VII - Arbitration

Should a dispute or claim arise or remain unresolved between Holistic Hemp and Partner under this Agreement, both parties agree to arbitrate according to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The prevailing party of any arbitration shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees, if any, and other expenses incurred in connection with such arbitration. This Section Six shall survive termination of this Agreement.

Section VIII - Termination

This agreement may be terminated by either party on not less than thirty (30) days written notice. If termination is by Holistic Hemp, it is agreed that such termination may be with or without cause.

Section IV - Modifications

Unless otherwise stated herein, the terms of this agreement shall not be altered, amended or modified except in writing signed by a duly authorized representative/officer of Holistic Hemp, and shall be construed according to the laws of the State of Delaware.

By checking the box below, the parties have executed this Agreement on the day and year and agree to be bound by acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


Schedule of Compensation Rates (Commissions)

You will receive, as full compensation for your services, the commissions listed on this Commission Schedule for each Holistic Hemp product sale secured in accordance with the Partner Agreement. Commissions are calculated as percentage of gross sales excluding shipping and sales tax.

Tier Referrals % of Sales
1 0 – 100 20%
2 101 – 200 22.5%
3 201+ 25%

* For all new agents Partner directly recruits ("Second Level Agents"), Partner shall be paid the difference between the Second Level Agent’s commission and 30%.

* Partner shall be paid 1% of Partner's Second Level Agents' recruited agents ("Third Level Commissions").

* Partner shall not be entitled to compensation beyond Third Level Commissions.

* Commissions / reports will be available in real time in your Partner Portal.

* Minimum check issued is $200.00.

* Must have PayPal account for weekly payout.

* Customer refunds will be deducted from future Partner commissions earned.

* Customer list will be available in your Partner Portal.