Buy CBD Tincture in Columbus, Ohio

CBD Tinctures in Ohio

CBD tincture in Columbus has been growing in popularity and there are plenty of places where you can buy CBD tincture. Buying CBD tincture in Ohio has become easier since mid-2019 when hemp products became legal statewide. Everywhere from grocery stores, dispensaries, head shops, and specialty stores can sell CBD tincture in the state, leaving you with plenty of options to look at when considering your tincture.

Buy CBD Tincture in Columbus, Ohio
Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Revolutionize Your Individual Wellness Routine

When looking for CBD tincture in Ohio, one of the most important questions you will be asking yourself is why am I looking to use it. There are a number of reasons why you might be looking to add CBD tincture to your daily wellness routine.

 These can include:

  • Supplementing an active lifestyle
  • Relieve life’s daily stresses
  • Promote better sleep
  • Help with digestive issues
  • Help with exercised-induced inflammation in some cases

Many people who look for deep sleep tincture in Columbus find that it can help with maintaining calm throughout your everyday life, reducing your stress, and generally helping with your sleeping pattern. You might be looking for the perfect CBD tincture in Columbus for one of the reasons listed above or multiple of them!


Using CBD Tincture

CBD tinctures are extremely easy for any individual to use. They can be applied just underneath the tongue.

To use CBD tincture, draw the oil into the dropper that comes with the tincture and then dispense it underneath the tongue. You will want to hold the liquid underneath your tongue for 1 to 2 minutes roughly and then swallow. Using a CBD tincture in Ohio right after a meal or a snack can help with absorption into the body as well.

And since CBD tincture’s base is oil, tinctures have a relatively long shelf life. The oil base acts like a preservative, giving it that long shelf life


Buy CBD Tincture in Ohio

Looking to buy CBD tincture in Ohio? Consider shopping with Holistic Hemp!

Holistic Hemp was founded on the idea that hemp-derived CBD products can change people’s lives. We wanted to give people access to the highest quality CBD products available, including CBD tincture in Ohio. Based in Columbus, Ohio, we are proud to offer a variety of CBD products that can be added to your wellness routine for any variety of reasons.

Our CBD tincture is available in a mix of sizes:

  • 250mg
  • 500mg
  • 1,000mg
  • 1,500mg

And it comes in natural, mint, or berry flavors. The wide variety of sizes and flavors allows you to choose the size and flavor of CBD tincture in Ohio that will be the best for you!

All of our products are manufactured in an A-rated cGMP and FDA-registered facility. We create our CBD tinctures with high-quality products, and they are also American made, so you know you are getting the best of the best when it comes to CBD tincture!



Q: Is CBD tincture legal in Ohio?

Yes! As previously mentioned, hemp products became legal statewide in Ohio in mid-2019. This new law defined hemp products as anything that has been derived from the hemp plant and contains less than 0.3% of THC.

THC is the compound in cannabis that effects users in a psychoactive manner. As long as CBD tincture in Ohio has less than 0.3% THC in it, then it is legal to buy sell, and use it in the state. And Holistic Hemp CBD tincture is non-psychoactive and THC levels are less than the 0.3% allowed by Ohio law.


Q: How do you use CBD tinctures?

Using CBD tinctures is super simple. There are two primary ways you can use CBD tinctures. The first is to use it sublingually, or underneath your tongue. It will absorb pretty quickly into your system this way. You go ahead and place a dropper full of the control oil underneath your tongue and hold it there for a minute or two before you swallow it.

Holding the CBD tincture from Ohio in your mouth will really help it start to absorb into your bloodstream before you swallow, which can really help in situations where you need it to work quickly and efficiently.

The second way, if the taste really bothers you, is to use another liquid to help mask the flavor. This can be done by putting a dropper of tincture into the drink of your choice and then swallowing it that way. But most CBD tincture has little to no taste, so definitely try out either method and see what works well for you.


Q: What do you mean by A-rated cGMP and FDA-registered?

What we mean by A-rated cGMP and FDA-registered is simple. cGMP is the Current Good Manufacturing Processes as defined by the Food and Drug Administration. This means that products created in these facilities are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. A-rated is the highest rating possible according to these standards.