Is CBD Oil Products Legal in Florida?

Much like many other states, Florida has jumped on Team Yes-to-Hemp and has made CBD products with less than 0.3% THC legal.

When the U.S. Farm Bill was signed into law in 2018, part of it separated hemp and isolated it from the marijuana plant, thus removing it from the DEA’s list of illegal drugs. Now, hemp farmers across America can legally cultivate hemp, as long as they have the proper licenses. This also includes hemp-derived products like CBD oil, balms, tinctures and more.

Before the Farm Bill, Florida laws did not differentiate between marijuana and hemp — although in recent years, Florida has introduced a medical marijuana program — and CBD was considered unlawful to sell or purchase.

While dispensaries are still able to sell medical marijuana to registered patients with qualifying conditions, what about those who just want to elevate their healthy lifestyles with better sleep, anxiety management and pain relief?

Well, due to the 2018 Farm Bill, residents of Florida are able to buy CBD oil in their Florida homes online and have it shipped to their houses. Due to the legal gray area of CBD oil and Florida law, it can be difficult to find a physical storefront in the Sunshine State to purchase CBD oil products in Florida. But online is still an option.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil Products in Florida?

Like mentioned before, it is possible to buy CBD oil in Florida, just online and shipped to your home. At Holistic Hemp, we ship CBD oil products all over the United States, and even to Florida. Customers can browse our CBD oil products from the comfort of their homes, then have the products shipped discreetly to your home.

Although there’s nothing wrong with ordering CBD oil products, some people like to keep their private life private.

CBD oil in Florida can have many great health benefits. Many people in Florida take advantage of the sun and beaches to exercise frequently, and CBD oil and balm can help reduce inflammation or pain related to exercise.

Furthermore, with a high population of elderly people retiring to the Sunshine State, CBD oil and other products can greatly help with daily aches and sleeping troubles. Overall, hemp-derived products are a wonderful addition to any state’s legalization efforts. Especially for Florida, because of its agricultural industry, it can be a huge powerhouse in the hemp-growing business.

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